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Bonsai Webshop

For this project I had to design an webshop about bonsai trees. I had to design a landingpage and a product overviewpage.

Makoto, which is a name meaning good or sincerity in Japanese, is a online-based webshop that mainly sells bonsai trees and related products.

Logo of the Makoto bonsai webshop


For the landingpage i designed a eye catching hero section, a best-selling products overview, a blog section and some call to actions to persuade the user in interacting.

Bonsai webshop landingpage


For the productspage i designed a call to action section on the top that lets the user find a personal bonsai tree based on their wants and needs. Underneath i displayed all the bonsai trees available, and on the right side a filtering system.

Bonsai webshop Productsgpage


For the logo i designed a more detailed, handmade looking logo. This adds to the fact that taking care of the bonsai trees is a detailed and almost art-like process.

Makoto logo
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