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Roomey App

For this project I had to design an app with a interactive user experience where the user can use the app on multiple devices. So I designed the app called "Roomey".

Roomey is a smarthome application meant to give the user an easy way to control smart-devices inside and outside of the house.

Logo of the Roomey application

Jobstory 1

In this scenario, the user wants to see information about their energy usage so they will know when they've used to much energy

Image of userflow Jobstory 1

Jobstory 2

In the second scenario, the user is on their way home, but they want to put on the heating at home so their home gets nice and warm when they arrive.

Image of userflow Jobstory 2

Jobstory 3

In the third scenario, the user wants an easy way to control the volume of their TV so they won't miss any parts of the movie they're watching because they were busy with controling the volume.

Image of userflow Jobstory 3
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